Genetic Testing for Fitness

How Does the Power of your Genetic Code Affect Your Level of Fitness?

Are you seeing results in the gym? If not, some of the first changes you make are to your diet, type of exercise you do, the amount of time doing these exercises, etc. But what about the things you can’t change. Your genetics fall into this category. This doesn’t mean you can’t change the way your genes are expressed; it just means there are certain things you were born with that might make some things a bit harder. You can make the most of the power of your genetic code by understanding what your body needs. We each are given a good and bad genetic bit we can always make the most out of what we were given.

Inherited or learned?

Some of the gene variants involved in fitness range from how your body process insulin to your predisposition for Grip Strength and Muscular Fitness. The question that surfaces most of the time is, “So, is it my genes that are the big driving factor on how I perform or is it the environment, I’ve been exposed to?” The answer is that it’s both.

Certain traits and genetic predispositions are inherited. For example, Obesity is 70% inherited and the power of your genetic code plays a huge part in that. Strength and muscular physique: is approximately 50-60% inherited.  And in regard to factors that influence aerobic fitness such as your lung efficiency and cardiac function, the power of your genetic code is responsible for a large portion of this and is approximately 40-50% inherited. There are tons of genetic components that we can look at. While one person may have the agentic trait that predisposes them to above average endurance, then they may be a great runner and if another person has a genetic trait for the ability to build more muscle then they may be better at strength training.

What the power of your genetic code says about you

We have learned that an individual can improve on what they were given although it may be more difficult than the next person. Just like we have athletes that seem to do things that few can do. Did you think for a second that what they could accomplish is normal by any means? Absolutely not. They have something that most people don’t, it is how they are built, it’s the power of their genetic code. Another example is someone that’s 50 that looks 25, now that’s not normal by any means. And on top of it, this person sat in the sun all the time while another person the same age has never sat in the sun yet has quite a few wrinkles and age spots. Taking care of yourself is important but there is definitely a genetic factor at work here. The best takeaway I can offer here is to celebrate what you do have and make a goal to work hard at the things you aren’t good at. Don’t shy away from them as growth comes from overcoming obstacles.

Kim Kugler, CPT, Certified Wellness Coach

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