Genetic Testing for Fitness

Fit DNA RX Genetic Testing for Fitness

Genetic testing for fitness

Genetic testing for fitness allows individuals to collect data about genetic variants that are linked to traits relating to how their body responds to exercise. Testing provides insight into your overall fitness, the potential for strength, nutrition, and metabolism. So, what genetic traits are analyzed? There are 4 main categories connected to increasing training performance which include: mental & physical characteristics, response to the type of training and exercise, how your body utilizes fuel and how it recovers and responds to injury. These categories include traits such as grip strength, heart rate response, injury risk, a tendency for systemic inflammation, the potential for power and endurance and what macronutrients your genotype prefers and a host of other important personalized nutrition and exercise information.

Results are specifically associated with power and strength and how your cardiovascular system adapts to the load placed upon it. Results will also provide insight into what type of exercise you should be doing according to your specific DNA. Genetic testing for fitness provides a roadmap that will help you get the most out of the time you spend exercising and help you fine-tune your workouts. Some categories might have only one gene associated with a trait and some may have several. The most scientifically valid genetic studies are used to calculate a score for all genetic traits tested.

DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

Can genetic testing for fitness help with weight loss? You bet it does! We have helped hundreds of individuals not only lose weight but gain more muscle, endurance, and power! The recommendations we provide related to diet and exercise are based on variants in genes that have been scientifically significant in demonstrating an increased positive outcome for a weight loss and fitness program compared to diet and exercise alone.   Knowledge is power and working smarter not harder is our goal.

Genetic testing for fitness will help you learn about your ability to make muscle when doing strength training, boost your maximum rate of oxygen consumption also called VO2 Max. Your oxygen consumption is vital for training as well as overall health due to the fact it reflects the fitness of your cardiorespiratory system and your endurance capacity during exercise. The data provided by genetic testing for fitness is based on evidence-based research with recommendations for exercise, nutrition and training style and the best approach for optimal performance and success strategies specific to your genetic code. Genetic Testing for Fitness is an area with a growing body of research with new information surfacing on a regular basis.

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