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Fit DNA RX DNA Testing for Weight Loss

DNA Testing for Weight Loss

How does DNA testing for weight loss help you lose weight? With all the fad diets and methods circulating right now, it’s hard to know which one actually helps you lose weight. The answer to that question is that there is NO one diet that does that. We are all unique and the way we lose weight will be very different from individual to individual. The first thing that you need to find out is what genetic traits that were passed down to you and what variants in those traits do you possess that make it harder or easier to lose weight.

First, we need to look at one main gene that there is a ton of research being done on. It’s called the “fatso” gene. It sounds funny, but that’s what they call it. FTO is a fat mass and obesity-associated protein and stands for “alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase”, hence the need we have for an acronym. FTO is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the FTO gene located on chromosome 16. Sounds like a lot of very clinical terminology but stay with me here. Studies show a correlation between certain variants of the FTO gene and obesity in humans.

So how much money would the average person admit to spending on trying to lose weight, I’m sure thousands! Spending money to get to the source of why you might be having trouble is key in changing the way you live rather than trying to starve yourself because we know that it doesn’t work. The new Fit DNA RX DNA testing for weight loss can help uncover these underlying sources and provide a plan for true and healthy weight management. 

So, a question many have is “When my Fit DNA RX DNA test for weight loss results come back, what does this mean if I have this variant, am I doomed to be overweight the rest of my life?” Absolutely not! What your gaining is something we have never had until now, a way to work smarter not harder and an insight into what your body needs according to your unique DNA. It may be that your body works best on fewer carbs or that you need more strength training than cardio. Wouldn’t it surprise you to find out that what your body actually needs may be easier than what you are currently doing?

Fit DNA RX DNA Test for Weight Loss 

The Fit DNA RX DNA test for weight loss comes with a diet and exercise plan and has helped hundreds of people not only excel at losing weight but gain more lean muscle mass too.  All the suggestions we provide related to diet and exercise according to variants in genes are statistically significant and based on large scale studies. The analysis for the Fit DNA RX DNA test for weight loss can tell you if you have a genetic tendency towards overindulging and your resource portal dedicated to your specific DNA type, will provide suggestions for a nutrition plan that may recommend changes in your meal frequency and macronutrient ratio. This will help you decrease your risk of overindulging and gaining the weight back.

This is only one example of the modifications you can make. Having the knowledge to make the “right” changes is paramount to all over wellness and managing a healthy weight. Even if you are positive for the gene variants that may decrease your ability to lose weight, whether those genes are expressed or not depends upon diet, exercise, and environmental influences. Below the average response to weight loss ability is shown in your DNA testing for weight loss results, do suggest that it may be a good idea to implement strategies that will maximize your results.

Please, for more detailed information and to learn about new DNA discoveries with regard to weight loss and other genetic traits.

Kim Kugler, CPT, Certified Wellness Coach

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