Am I overweight due to my genetics?

Scientific research shows that genetics play a role in the way we gain and lose weight. Behavior and level of physical activity also play a role in how those genes are expressed. There are 6 main genes that have been shown to be statistically significant in their link to a person’s ability to lose weight and maintain it. There are several genetic variations linked to traits such as weight loss tendency, overweight risk, metabolism, weight regain and satiety. These variations (SNP’s) show predisposition for being overweight, difficulty losing weight, keeping it off and feeling full. Our weight loss panel, FitRX examines genotypes for each of these 6 genes that is present in a person’s DNA.

Genetic Influence

Having the knowledge takes some of the blame away because we are all so hard on ourselves. The concept that part of the reason this is harder for me than the next person is partly due to my genetic influence is something that gives us a place to start. Some people may have one of these genes that make it harder to manage a healthy weight and some may have all of them. It doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome this, and it doesn’t mean that the skinny people are necessarily healthy either. There are certain factors that result from being overweight that contribute substantially to several disease states such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so it is definitely important to work towards a goal of a healthy weight.


So, what can you do if your genetics make it harder to lose weight than the next person? Well, our answer to that is to “work smarter” not harder. What we mean by that is to understand “how” you lose weight by finding out what diet and exercise your body responds to. Genetic testing for fitness and nutrition is helping athletes as well as regular people just trying to improve their health choose the right path for their unique DNA. It is another tool that gives you a roadmap setting you up for success. Knowledge is power.

Kim Kugler, CPT, Certified Wellness Coach

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