Affiliate Terms of Service

Affiliate Terms of Service

This Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between Fit DNA RX. You as an Affiliate Partner utilizing the referral service program (“You”, “Your”, “Affiliate”). 

To become an authorized affiliate of Fit DNA RX, you must agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully before registering and using the Service. By signing up for this affiliate account, you indicate Your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

The Affiliate hereby agrees to refer clients for Fit DNA RX products (FitRX, ElevateRX, NourishRX, ExtendRX, BalanceRX). This referral will result in a referral fee from Fit DNA RX to the Affiliate. Existing Fit DNA RX customers are not eligible as Prospects.

The Affiliate agrees to promote Fit DNA RX products through their unique link and/or coupon code. When a customer clicks on that link to purchase a product from your site or enters a coupon code off a promo card assigned to you,  that counts as an Affiliate order.  Wellness consults are not eligible for referral fees. Cookies track Affiliate referrals for 120 days.

The following agreement is summarized as follows:

Term and Termination

This Agreement is effective immediately upon Affiliate’s acceptance of this Agreement and shall continue until terminated.

Termination without notice

Fit DNA RX and Affiliate both reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without notice. In the event of termination of this Agreement, all outstanding referral fees due to Affiliate will be paid by Fit DNA RX at the end of the quarter.

Termination for breach

In the event of termination of this Agreement by Fit DNA RX due to breach by Affiliate, he shall not be entitled to be paid any outstanding referral fees.

Referral Fee

Fit DNA RX agrees to pay Referring Party a referral fee based upon the following:

  • We shall pay a one-time fee for each customer referred that purchases a test.
  • We shall only be responsible for payment to Referring Party for any order ACTUALLY BILLED and COLLECTED from Customer. Please email for the referral fee amount.
  • Any Customers of Fit DNA RX that were/are obtained without the assistance of Referring Party or because of a future relationship Referring Party shall be excluded from referral fees.


  • Referral Fee payments shall be paid monthly by the 15th day following the last day of the month for all Fit DNA RX product referrals for the prior month less any returns or cancellations. (For Example: Fit DNA RX receives payments from Customer for orders completed during the month of January. Referring Party shall receive payment no later than February 15).
  • All payments shall be made in U.S. currency and payable to Referring Party. 
  • Product cancelled or returned will not be eligible for referral fees.
  • Affiliates must provide a W-9. Should referral fee payments exceed $800 in any given year, and a 1099 will be processed for the affiliate partner using the EIN or social security number given on the W9. 
  • As an Affiliate, you can only have 1 account.  Self-referrals for Affiliate or merchant accounts are strictly prohibited.
    Affiliate accounts that are left inactive will be removed.
  • An abandoned Affiliate account is defined as any account that has not been logged in to for a period of12 months, nor have any transactions been posted to that account.


  • it’s a serious offense and will be treated as such. Fraud is defined as any action that intentionally attempts to create sales, leads, or click-through using robots, frames, i frames, scripts, or manually “refreshing” of pages, for the sole purpose of creating commissions.
  • Affiliates must not send unsolicited emails and Affiliate agrees to comply with all US Federal CAN-SPAM Acts. Do not send email to lists or groups that you do not have permission to send to. Fit DNA RX has a zero tolerance policy towards spam and any Affiliate associated with spam.
  • If Fit DNA RX establishes, at Fit DNA RX absolute discretion, that Affiliate is involved with spam in any way including, without limitation, creating, sending or otherwise distributing spam. Fit DNA RX may immediately terminate Affiliate’s account and Affiliate will forfeit all referral fees due.Affiliates must not publish or link to Fit DNA RX from adult, gambling or offensive websites.
  • Affiliates must not disparage or misrepresent Fit DNA RX in anyway, in particular using words like “scam” or “rip-off”.

Privacy Policy

  • Fit DNA RX respects the privacy of their users and will not disclose personal information to third parties without the express permission of the affiliate. If You have any questions, please contact
  • Affiliate agrees to receive email or other electronic communications from Fit DNA RX including, but not limited to, newsletters, site updates, promotion resources and other announcements and correspondence.
  • Affiliate agrees that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that Fit DNA RX provide electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. He agrees to be bound by any agreement reached through electronic communications in terms of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.
  • Fit DNA RX accepts no responsibility for the accurate receipt of any such emails and is responsible for ensuring that Affiliate’s email address is not blocked or impaired in any way, including by ensuring ‘white-listing’ of Affiliate’s email address.
  • If Affiliate unsubscribes from receiving emails from Fit DNA RX, Affiliate acknowledges and understands that Affiliate may no longer receive information or updates from Fit DNA RX.

Fit DNA RX Intellectual Property and Brand

Ownership of intellectual property: Fit DNA RX reserves all rights in or to its trademarks, service marks, copyright and other intellectual property rights that may subsist in this website. This may including text, illustrations, photographs, video, music, sounds, layout, designs, or source code, belonging to Fit DNA RX.

Affiliate must not use, copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, or publish any Fit DNA RX Intellectual Property except as expressly provided in this Agreement or with the prior written consent of Fit DNA RX.

Modification and display of Fit DNA RX Intellectual Property

It is not permitted to make any changes to any items of Fit DNA RX Intellectual Property including, without limitation. The Fit DNA RX logo, and any Fit DNA RX images and Affiliate must not display such items in any way which may be distasteful, or defame or misrepresent Fit DNA RX, the Affiliate Program, or the Fit DNA RX website.

Use of Fit DNA RX Intellectual Property

Affiliate may use the particular Fit DNA RX logos and images that Fit DNA RX grants access to within the “Affiliate Resource” section of the Fit DNA RX website for purposes related to Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program only.

He may place banners or links within their newsletters, in content of their website, or within other web related content.

Brand name

It is not permitted to purchase, bid on, or otherwise attempt to acquire any Fit DNA RX brand name keywords with respect to Internet search engines or register or use domains. That include the wording ” Fit DNA RX ” or any similar wording. Fit DNA RX brand name keywords or similar wording includes ” Fit DNA RX ” and any misspelling or variation of ” Fit DNA RX ”

Access to Fit DNA RX data

It is not entitled to have access to Fit DNA RX data that is not publicly available for review or other purposes. Access to Fit DNA RX data may be granted to Affiliate by Fit DNA RX at Fit DNA RX absolute discretion.
By signing up for the Fit DNA RX Affiliate Program, you indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

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