DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

A new type of DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition is both very widespread and controversial right now. From testing for ancestry to inherited diseases to paternity DNA testing, exploring your genetic code has become something almost everyone you know is trying. DNA does not change and paints a picture that can help uncover crimes committed as well as arm patients with vital information about their health or inherited risk. So, what is the best paternity test kit or the best fitness and nutrition test kit out there?

DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

The most recent to the surface is new DNA testing for fitness and nutrition. This DNA testing for fitness and nutrition helps you fine-tune your ability to lose weight, know what kind of exercise is best for you and reveal how your body responds to a multitude of things based on your own specific genetic code. Armed with this information, the ability to create an optimum diet and exercise routine has never been easier. This testing is revolutionizing the way we think about fitness and nutrition at a whole new level.

Take the guesswork out with the help of DNA Testing for Fitness & Nutrition

Take the guesswork out of it and find out if you are built for strength or endurance and what your body needs during a workout. Adjusting your macronutrients and understanding what food your body needs and the way your body processes insulin according to your DNA is something we have never had available to us before.

The new research being done in the field of Nutrigenomics which is the study of how genes and nutrients interact is changing how people think about how nutrition is linked to their genetic predisposition. This will someday transform the future of nutrition. Some researchers differentiate between nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. They explain nutrigenomics as the identification of genes that are involved in an individual’s physiological response to diet and their genetic variation called polymorphisms, may have substantial nutritional significance.

Nutrigenetics is defined as the study of the specific genetic variations or polymorphisms and their connection with nutritional aspects, and their connection with wellness and disease states. Other researchers define nutrigenetics as the study of the functional connections between nutrition and the genome at a cellular level affecting the way in which an individual responds differently to their diet based on their unique genetic makeup.

The traditional food pyramid and recommended daily allowances (RDA) that are intended to prevent nutritional deficiencies in the general population are why there are so much disease and obesity in our country. This is contradictory to the study of Nutrigenomics which looks at the fact there isn’t just one diet for everyone, everyone has a need for different types of food and nutrients according to their specific DNA. Welcome to the future of fitness. Get DNA testing for fitness and nutrition by FITDNARX and Unlock the power of your genetic code with more knowledge at www.FITDNARX.COM. Find the DNA test that’s a perfect fit for you.

Kim Kugler, CPT, Certified Wellness Coach

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